JSC “ŠILALĖS MEDIENA“ is one of the largest producer of wood pellets in Lithuania. The monthly production is approximately 4500 tons, which amounts to an annual production capacity of 50000 tons. Saw dust and wood shavings  are being used to produce wood pellets. Pellets do not contain any additives besides natural wood.

Pellets are one of the most environmentally friendly sources of renewable energy. The advantages of wood pellets are the significantly lower prices compared to other fuels, simplicity and convenience. Our Premium Pellets are ENplus A1 ISO 17225-2 certified and comply with the highest standards of pellet quality.


Mechanical durability: 98% 99%
Moisture content: 7% – 8%
Ash content: 0.3% – 0.5%.
Bulk density: ~1,12 ( g/cm3 )
Calorific value: ~~17,6 ( MJ/kg )